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July 9, 2009 7:25 pm
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I’ve been using and testing xcart on a local server for some time now, however after recently installing a new banner module XAMPP kindly informed me:
Zend Optimizer not installed This file was encoded by the Zend Encoder / Zend SafeGuard Suite In order to run it, please install the freely available Zend Optimizer, version 2.1.0 or later
A pain in the arse, yes, but easy enough to fix. Most likely this problem is caused because Zend optimizer has not been loaded on your testing server which is a tad confusing because when I first glanced at my phpinfo() I was greeted by the Zend logo informing me that “This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language”: zend-scripting-languageHowever after a bit more digging I discovered that the Zend loader was disabled hence the grief when trying to load xcart: zend-optimizer-disabled To sort this little quandary you need to locate php.ini in your XAMPP installation folder (usually xampp/apache/bin). Firstly make a backup copy of this file before making any changes (just in case!) then search for the following line:
zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 0
You need to comment this line out using a semi-colon ; The line should now look like this:
; zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 0
Now save the amended php.ini file and restart your Apache Service and your local testing server should be up and running again! Tags: , ,

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