Skype & XAMPP port conflict

June 24, 2009 9:08 am
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If you use the awesome XAMPP control panel from Apache Friends for setting up local test servers and have Skype running on your PC you may find your Apache service a tad unresponsive. When trying to start the Apache service you will see a message appear confirming ‘Apache started [Port 80]’, but what you won’t see is a comforting green dialogue box confirming that the Apache service is indeed running: apache service not running So what’s up? Well Skype is already hogging Port 80 so we need to kindly ‘de-port’ it (sigh). To settle the dispute and restore order to your PC simply fire up Syke and change the following setting:
Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection
In the associated dialogue box you need to un-check the radio box labelled ‘Use port 80 and 433 as alternatives for incoming connections’: skype advanced port settings Once that’s done just restart Skype and you should be able to run your local testing servers and make cheap internet calls all at the same time! Tags: ,

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