Photoshop greys out when cropping an image

May 1, 2011 8:30 pm
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I had a strange issue with Photoshop the other day: every time I tired to crop an image it would disappear and the canvas would become ‘greyed out’.� Fortunately the fix was very easy. The problem seems to occur when there is a value entered in the width or height fields in the top left hand corner of crop toolbar: Photoshop crop error I don’t recall ever entering a value into either of these fields, but clearing the values solves the problem and the crop tool works as expected again.

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  • Amazing says:

    Thanks a lot for this tip. I have just begun to use photoshop and the same thing happened.. greys out everytime i crop.. was driving me crazy until google led me to this page.. what an awesome fix…Thanks a lot..I dont remember typing in the width..

  • admin says:

    No worries dude, it’s always pleasing when a fix is this easy – I was all set to delete my Photoshop preference file which can often resolve issues like this but also means that you have to re-enter all your personalised settings.

  • Gerrit says:

    Thanks for this. This was driving me nuts.

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