Illustrator keeps printing in black & white!

January 18, 2012 2:05 pm
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I’ve experienced this issue on quite a few machines now: I go to print a .pdf from Adobe Illustrator and it comes out in black and white every time! The solution is very simple… Instead of fiddling around with your colour settings, experimenting with different file types or even deleting your Illustrator preferences simply click ‘Save as’ or ‘Export’ depending on which filetype you want to output (use ‘Save as’ for .PDF’s). Printing to .PDF is a habit I’ve picked up from other programs which require Adobe PostScript in order to create the .PDF Just remember if you do select ‘Save as’ your document space becomes the newly created .PDF document and not the .EPS or .AI that you’ve been working on!

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1 Comment

  • Bobby Acker says:

    Im having the same problem, my color illustrator files print in all black.
    I see them in color but no matter what I print to, its all black with white background. Exporting did not help. Can you share any insight as how I can correct this?
    Thanks, Bobby

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