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October 18, 2010 2:47 pm
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A great deal of my domain names are registered with 123Reg.� When buying multiple TLD’s or aliases of the same domain (e.g.,, etc.) it’s easy, tempting and convenient to just use the web forwarding tools in the 123Reg control panel, but it’s certainly not your best option. Using the ‘Framed web-forwarding’ option in the 123Reg control panel may appear to achieve the desired results e.g. the user types in and is instead forwarded to, however by default the redirect is set up as a temporary (302) redirect. This means any search engines that happen to stumble across will treat the redirect as a non-permanent redirection and may still decide to index instead of The best way to forward aliases of your main domain is to use a permanent (301) redirect which signals to search engines that will always point to and that hosts the content that the search engines should be indexing. There are numerous ways to create a permanent redirection – here are a couple of the easiest: If you are using cPanel based hosting you can add the domain to be forwarded (e.g. as an addon domain to the main domain (see ‘Domains > addon domains’ in your cPanel).� Then create the redirect using the domain forwarding tools in your cPanel (‘Domains > redirects’).� cPanel gives you the choice of setting up the redirect as either a permanent 301 or temporary 302 redirect so you can make the correct choice. If you are not using cPanel hosting you can simply setup hositng for the domain as normal and then just drop in an inex.php file with the following code:
<? Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” ); Header( “Location:” ); ?>
Once you have made the changes you can check to see if your domain pages are being redirected corrected using the following tool:

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