Chrome add to taskbar not working in Windows 10

November 1, 2015 10:10 pm
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If you’re having trouble pinning Chrome application shortcuts to the taskbar in Windows 10 try this. Fire up a blank tab in Chrome and click the apps icon in the upper left-hand corner: chrome-blank-tab It should bring up all your most recently used apps, simply right-click on the app you want to pin and just double check you have ‘Open as window’ selected: chrome-recent-apps Now double-click to open the app as normal and you will see the app icon appear on the taskbar, right-click the icon on the taskbar and select ‘pin this program to taskbar’: pin-program-taskbar …and you’re all good – the app icon will remain pinned to the taskbar.

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  • Chris says:

    This didn’t quite work for me, but got me to where I wanted. Here’s how I got it to work.

    Following your directions, I clicked, “Open as Window” it worked, so I pinned it to the taskbar. Unfortunately after closing it and clicking the new icon in the taskbar, just opened plain ‘ole Chrome, not my desired app.

    My Fix:
    Instead of clicking “Open as Window” in your picture, I clicked, “Create Shortcuts…”. I chose to create the shortcut on my desktop, then I dragged the shortcut to my taskbar. Clicking that shortcut in my taskbar works just as expected.

    Thanks so much for helping me figure this out, you were a life saver!

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