Buy and sell backpacker campervans in Australia & New Zealand

February 25, 2009 4:46 pm
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I’ve done my fair share of travelling in my time and I recently spent 5 months living and travelling in a campervan around New Zealand which was amazing. What was not so amazing however was the time and effort it took to find a decent set of wheels for our trip. Upon arrival in New Zealand we did the usual routine of checking hostel notice boards for private vehicles. It was time consuming and quite costly to traverse Auckland just to tear the contact number from a private ad that had probably been pinned to the notice board for several months and predictably most ads we responded to put us through to an owner that had long since sold up or left New Zealand. However I was pleasantly surprised recently (and just a little bit narked I hadn’t found it earlier) to discover a free site that offers to help backpackers who are looking to buy or sell their vehicles privately. It’s called the New Zealand VanExchange and users can list their cars, campervans, 4×4’s or whatever absolutely free, just sign-up and enter the details of your vehicle – you can even upload pictures. There is also a twin site for OZ called the Australian VanExchange for backpackers heading down under so if you’re planning on going travelling I highly recommend logging on and seeing what’s on offer. Or if you have a backpacker campervan to sell why not check it out, it’s free.
Buy and sell Backpacker Campervans in New Zealand Buy and sell Backpacker Campervans in Australia

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