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January 18, 2010 1:22 pm
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Ok so the title of this post is a tad contrived, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve searched on this or similar phrases only to be served a load of results containing fake reviews and top-10-best sites which are funded by sponsors… If you’ve ever Googled terms like ‘best UK hosting provider‘ or �best cPanel hosts� you probably already know that finding a decent hosting provider can be a real mine-field. Many of the first page results are littered with top-10-best sites, fake reviews and complaints. In principle the top-10-best sites seem like a good idea aggregating data and providing handy side-by-side comparisons of some of the most popular hosting packages available. However scratch away at the surface and you’ll soon realise that these sites are funded by ads and sponsorship so how much can you trust them, is the best service ranked number 1 or just the advertiser that pays the most money? It’s not difficult to figure out. Forums are also usually a great place for research to gather first hand reviews and users opinions.� However they too are plagued with ringers and decoys – people from within hosting companies posting fake reviews and talking their services up. It’s also true that forums are commonly used as a bashing ground when it comes to hosting providers with angry users venting their frustration at downtime or the latest security breach. Of course these things are useful to know, but few people actually bother to report more positive experiences because in general there isn’t a great deal to say about a good host – they just do their job quietly in the background allowing you to get on with your business. So what’s the solution? Well there isn’t a clear cut one really, in general you pay your money and take your chances, especially with budget web hosting. Perhaps the safest bet is a provider that offers a trial period or your money back if you are not satisfied. If you do manage to find a provider with good service then stick with them. I use Vida Host and it’s the first hosting provider that I would genuinely recommend to other people.� It was the 11 minute response time declared on their home page that first attracted me and although I’ve never timed them I would say that on average it can’t be far off that. Not only are response times quick, the level of service is also excellent. I’ve had many experiences in the past waiting up to 48 hours for a response only to receive a non-answer and having to explain just how to resolve issues to a technical support department myself. Vida host are also flexible and accommodating which are two attributes I’ve never been able to associate with a budget host before. So if you’re looking for cheap UK cPanel hosting I would definitely check out Vida host, with a 30 day money back guarantee they�re definitely worth a try.� Please feel free to post back here with your comments. *YES I have used an affiliate link in this post, NO it won’t make me a millionaire, but if I can save some other people from the time and effort I’ve spent wrangling with other hosting providers and changing servers then its fair enough I think.

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